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What's "Hinatazaka Happy Sky"?

This website "Hinatazaka Happy Sky" is intended for fans of Hinatazaka46. It is completely unofficial and not sponsored by the group and other related companies.

There are no plans for an English version at this time. I look forward to hearing from a person who can help translating Japanese into English. Sorry there won't be a reward. I would be happy for any comments you may have, or if you find any errors please let me know.
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Keyakizaka46 is Nogizaka46's first sister group

On February 22, 2015, during the Nogizaka46 3rd Year Birthday Live at Seibu Dome, Nogizaka46 announced plans to recruit the first generation members for their new project. It was revealed that the new group's name was Toriizaka46 (鳥居坂46) and the recruitment was started on July 28. The final examination of the audition took place on August 21, the same day as Nogizaka46 was created, and 22 passed out of 22,509 candidates. At the same time, it was announced that the group's name was suddenly changed to Keyakizaka46; however, its reason is unclear.

Diese Website ist für Fans von Keyakizaka46 bestimmt.
Keyakizaka46 ist eine 2014 von Yasushi Akimoto gecastete japanische Mädchengruppe. Ich bin für Mädchen Verwurzelung.
Es gibt keine Pläne für eine Deutschland-Version zu diesem Zeitpunkt.

Keyakizaka46 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium #1 (First Anniversary Live, 2017)